Monday, 6 January 2014

The Raw Food phenomenon

The love of my life is a huge advocate of the Raw Food movement and to be honest,until he came into my life I never really gave it much thought. Drinking diet coke instead of coke and using equal in my coffee instead of sugar was the healthier option right? NO WAY!. I mean neither coke or diet coke are any good for you,but the chemicals used to create a sugar free diet flavour are much worse than the overdose of sugar in coke. Now I drink water and lots of it, plus coconut water from real coconuts which are in abundance in Broome. I no longer buy my moisturisers from the supermarket,instead I use a tiny bit of coconut oil, which I also use in my cooking instead of canola or vegetable oil.So not only am I saving a fortune but my skin looks so much better.I only use natural sunscreen and herbal toothpaste. I have also stopped buying margarine instead opting for real butter and I try to limit the processed snacks that go in the children's lunchbox. I have also made changes with the type of steak and chicken that I buy and even the yogurt.There are a million websites dedicated to the raw food movement and my ultimate aim is to eat raw 80% of the time.

Check out Raw for Beauty for other great Raw ideas!

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