Monday, 6 January 2014

Still miss home though : (

I bought this house in 2009, my first home as a single mother. Its in the picturesque village of Millthorpe NSW right in between Orange and Bathurst.I still have it and I always think about going back because I miss my nephews and niece so much butI love the lifestyle and climate in Broome so this is home for now,but its nice to know its still there if I want to go back. This house is so me and I love that I was the only adult of the house so I could paint it any colour I wanted.

My most cherished piece of furniture. It is made from timber which has been recycled from boats in Indonesia

Strip of wallpaper to brighten up the pantry door

My homemade EAT sign

The Sunroom. I got the suitcase in thailand 

I got these stools off ebayand reupholstered the seats myself

Art and craft desk

This is our toy pommeranian "Hawkeye" who is being looked after by friends until we decide what we are doing. The kiddies miss him very much.
I made the wall fans myself 

Kids made these

My first attempt at making sushi
Photo wall in my little girls room

Locker is from ebay, cupcake stand was bought at the reject shop
and the flowers are from my garden

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