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I wish my kids could have grown up in the 80's

I am one of the lucky ones! I got to enjoy the simple healthy,fun lifestyle of growing up in the 80's, it is something I remember fondly. Especially when my kids are fighting or whinging about wanting to play the iPad. They get really sick of me constantly telling them about the poor people in third world countries so now I make them sit and listen to stories about the things I did when I was a kid. How we didn't have everything that they have now and so on and so on. This is usually met with a lot of eye rolling and heavy sighs of which I can't really blame them I suppose. I hated listening to my dad go on and on about his childhood and how he had to walk 15 miles to school in the pouring rain and how he never had an outside toilet or a TV!
But for those people who were a product of the 80's-

  Do you remember :
  • TV shows like Punky Brewster, The Henderson Kids, You can't do that on Television, Roger Ramjet, Fraggle Rock, Cities of Gold, Flipper, Lassie,He-man, Danger Mouse, Super Ted and Rainbow Bright.      
Not one TV show featured over indulged Hollywood Brats .
The Henderson Kids

Fraggle Rock

  • Setting up your tape deck next to the TV so you could record your favourite songs off RAGE.


  • When David Hasselhoff was actually cool? 
Night Rider

  • Drinking Tang ?
  • And TAB ?
  • And all the mums would drink West Coast Coolers

And Fruity Lexia….from the Cask


                                              Sometimes she would even let you have a taste!

  • Playing on the trampoline for hours on end. Back then they didn't come with a safety net and a ladder and most didn't even have a protective cover over the springs, so you were forever getting your hair caught  in them.  We use to turn our trampoline  on its side to make a volleyball net so we could play volleyball .  Or turning the sprinkler on and running in and out of it a million times while screaming with joy or climbing trees to make fortresses. 


  • Playing with Cabbage Patch dolls.  Oh how I loved mine.  When I got mine the name on the birth certificate was Mildred Wilma   [seriously!]  but I changed it to Tammy Lee  [yeah I know,what was I thinking}

  • Playing with Barbie Dolls  [ Barbie and the Rockers, Peaches and Cream,  Loving Barbie with the love heart dress, Crystal Barbie, the oh so adorable Ken]  I had Barbies pool,  Camper,  Office and Beauty Salon and I would spend hours in my room playing.   I even gave some of them haircuts and was actually really surprised when it didn't grow back!!!!!

Barbie and the Rockers

  • Spending all day playing outside on weekends and playtime at school with friends. We would play  Red light Green Light,  Jump Rope, Hide and Seek,  Duck Duck Goose,  Hopscotch, Tag, Simon Says,  Whats the Time Mr Wolf,  Red Rover and Elastics  { Remember the rhyme?}      'England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales Inside, Outside, Inside, On'.
  • All those hand clapping songs like C C my playmate , Miss Mary Mac, Cinderella Dressed in Yella, Inky Pinky Ponky,  Down Down Baby and Dr Knicker Bocker?  And any arguments about who's turn it was to be "it" for a game was settled with a rendition of "Eeny Meeny Miny Mo".

  • How we listened to Belinda Carlisle,  Tiffany, Boy George,  a youthful Madonna,  The Bangles and so on. The girls had clothes on  then and there was no twerking or grinding going on thank you very much  Miley and Rhianna. The only moves we did was "walking like an egytpian" and constantly pausing the VCR so you could learn the moves to 'Thriller'.
Oooohh heaven is a place on earth

  • The TV was a huge big cumbersome thing with only a handful of channels. There was no remote so you actually had to get off your arse to change the channel and your Dad was always in charge of picking what was on.  There was only one in the house,  so we would sit around as a family and watch it together.However, Tv was just something to watch sometimes.

  • How Telephone chords had a ring dial on them and a chord. There were no Mobile phones and if you went off for the day to play you just had to make sure you were home by dinner. There was no Twitter, Instagram or Facebook. You wanted to let someone know what you were doing, you wrote them a letter!


  • When scrunchies were so cool that you could never wear just one?

  • When your dad carried his Fosters in a styrofoam esky ?

And wore thongs like this…..everywhere ?

  • How the Atari was the ultimate gaming device. Games such as Space Invaders and Pacman would keep you entertained when the weather outside was miserable.

  • Two Words…..Mixed Tapes?
  • Jane Fonda Workout Videos ?

  • How school athletics carnivals were always so much fun. Racing , playing team games, cheering on your friends. You either wore cheap apple pie sneakers or volleys   [with the pre requisite holes} and most often- no shoes at all.  Nobody wore Skins or shoes with Spikes,  after all it was a fun day out not a rehearsal for the Olympics. 


Running Spikes

  • How no teenager wore their jeans sagging halfway down their bum?

  • How nobody EVER said 'YOLO' or 'LAME' or 'WHATEVER' ?

  • John McEnroe, his head band and his tantrums?

  • How your school lunch box was a plain rectangle box in one colour?  Inside would be a vegemite sandwich, an apple and one of those miniature packet of chips. If you were thirsty, you would drink from the bubblers. On special days,  your mum would give you 10c to buy a piece of buttered fruit bread from the canteen.

There was no organic, ethical, self cooling,  compartmentalised lunch boxes.  Nobody came to school with sushi or wholemeal wraps.  There was no gluten free,  organic anything.If you had a drink bottle, it was plain white with a lid, no buttons or built in filters. And you know what, we turned out ok!

Simple Jam sandwich

Lunchboxes now

  • The school had one computer and it was as big as your Tv. You got to have a go every now and then playing games like Pod, but you weren't really fussed.

Computers in the 80's

Computers now

  • If you grew up in NSW, then Rugby League would have been an important part of your families life. Sitting around the TV with all your relatives on a Sunday afternoon watching the game. The players uniforms were a lot looser back then, none of the players even bothered to do there hair let alone run on the field with a nicely gelled style. There were no tattoos either and the players actually had body hair and weren't waxed to within an inch of their life. The players back then actually had full-time jobs and played for the love of the game , not the fame and adulation it bought with it.

80's Steve Mortimer

Now- Sonny Bill Williams

Kids now a days struggle to find ways to occupy themselves unless they have an iPad,  iPod,  Wii,  DS, Xbox or laptop. My children are guilty of this to. Especially during the holidays, I am big on outside play, but there are times when I don't want to go to the beach or pool or park because I have stuff to do and I often watch my children struggle to find something to do and they always look to me to come up with some kind of activity. It really frustrates me, they have bikes, scooters, skateboards, a trampoline, a tree swing plus mountains of Lego.

 Mostly they have their imagination, which, when used correctly, is a most powerful tool.  What has happened to the kids of today?   Our lives back then were so simple and carefree, it wasn't about getting the latest gadget or making it to a new level on minecraft, it was about making the most of the day, having as much fun you could in the great outdoors until it was time to go inside.

I know how lucky I was to be a child of the 80's, I just wish my children could have been there to experience it with me.But instead I am happy to make them sit and listen to me talk about 'the old days'.

Is there anything you remember fondly about the 80's ??

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