Wednesday, 22 January 2014

DIY Gift Wrapping ideas

If you want to have the best Christmas present or birthday present that every child [or adult] will love you have to be creative and wrap it yourself. The gift should as good as inside and outside. Every child loves presents. So why don’t you make it a little bit more interesting.Wrap the gifts with toys on them or just put the letters of the kid name. Or you can draw something interesting on the wrapping paper. It will be even better if you give the wrapping paper to your child to draw something.

1. Wrap your gift in simple wrapping paper, but instead of ribbon and a bow, add a toy car and a road. Matchbox and Hotwheels cars only are inexpensive, and are a creative and exciting decoration on the outside of a gift. This one was made using 2.5 inch strips of black construction paper, a white paint pen, and a yellow toy car. The cars are attached buy using a hot glue gun. It allows the car to stay on the box at any angle, plus it easily peels off after the gift is opened. Check the rest of the details out at the source.

Using brown paper bags

Champagne disguised as a pineapple
2 sheets orange tissue paper
1 sheet green tissue paper
1 bottle of champagne
48 pcs chocolates in golden wrapper like Ferrero Rocher
raffia ribbon
hot glue gun
The tissue paper is very thin and translucent. It is sold in art supply stores and on the gift wrapping racks.
Raffia ribbon is made of long fibres of the raffia palm leaves. They are widely used in floral design, arts and crafts. Get more details from the source

1. Stack eight sheets of newsprint and cut into an 8" square.
2. Accordion-fold the stack into 1" increments.
3. Next, cut four pieces of ribbon to a length of 8".
4. Unfold the paper slightly and rest a piece of ribbon in each crease (if you end up with more than four folds, you'll need to cut additional ribbon).
5. Gather the folds back together and pinch the center of the paper tightly (it will look like a bow tie), binding it with a rubber band.
6. Starting from the top, peel up each layer of newspaper, scrunching it together as you go. Finally, curl the ribbon to make a cluster in the topper's centre. Get more details from the source

Sourcedrawing, gluing, glittering, stamping plus more

A word search with everyone's names. Circle the name of the recipient.


Love Mae Gift Wrap bunting tutorial

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