Sunday, 19 January 2014

Celebrity walk in closets

Before I had children, I spent hours organising and re organising my wardrobe. I would display all my handbags beautifully along with all my jewellery. My shoes would be in groups of heels, casual, flats etc.  Now its basically shorts and t shirts with my Havaianas close on hand because thats pretty much all I wear {no excuse I know}. To make yourself drool with envy check out the celebrity closets below.

This belongs to Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon.
Of course she needs plenty of room for her shoe collection!

This belongs to Oprahs Darling, Nate Bercus

mmm smaller than I thought

Christina Aguilera's closet before she divorced Jordan Bratman and sold the house

More Rach

Rachels Studio {check out all those shoes}

They all look so tidy! I'd like to think that a crew of professionals came in before the shoot and cleaned up……they can't always look like this right?????

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